Yuki onna

Living Dead Dolls Series 24

Date of death: N/A

Chipboard PoemEdit

She'll appear to you on a snowy night
Her eyes will fill any lost soul with fright
Her icy breath will leave your corpse a frozen frame
If you encounter her and live, never speak her name

Death CertificateEdit

When the snow falls on a darkened night
Beware this demon who blends in with the white
Her gaze will send fear down your spine
Her frozen breath will make you slowly decline
But should she decide not to cause you pain
Make sure you never speak her name


Fun FactsEdit

  • Her name means 'Snow Woman' in Japanese.
  • She is the first of two Asian dolls, the second is the Hopping Vampire being chinese.
  • A mistake on her chipboard says her name is "Yuki ONNO"
  • Her beautymark under her left eye has the LDD logo (the symbol for sulfur).
  • She is based on the japanese urban legend Yuki Onna.
    Yuki Onna

    Yuki Onna prototype