Living Dead Dolls German Exclusive Edit

Date of death: April 30, 779 A.D.

Chipboard PoemEdit

Wearing the mask of a goat,
Raising demons she invokes.
To the flames they all flock,
Mitten in der Nacht

Death CertificateEdit

Upon Mount Brocken, the Harz highest peak,
Witches, demons and the dead gather to meet.
They come to dance and celebrate in haunted disarray,
And our sweet little Walpurgis leads the way.

Fun FactsEdit

  • Only availible at Close Up in Germany
  • The last part of her chipboard poem means 'in the middle of the night.' in German..
  • She was remade for 2015 comic con
  • She is the first exclusive doll to be resurrected, without being in a resurrection series.