Living Dead Dolls Exclusives

Date of DeathEdit


Chipboard PoemEdit

Walking the hours of dusk to dawn,
A wholesomely gothic dark little spawn.
Lurking in shadows where no one can see,
Waiting for you there is Tragedy.

Death CertificateEdit

Alone in the dark she met her demise,
Making a pact with the Prince of Lies.
Now she has risen a shadowy sage,
Poised to strike with gothic rage.

Fun FactsEdit

  • Tragedy was available with purple tissue paper in her first run and then red tissue paper in her second run, the only doll to do so.
  • Tragedy was a Hot Topic exclusive. (See also: Misery)
  • She is based on Tragedy Anne, which was also sold at Hot Topic.
  • Has appeared as a mini doll, in which she and Misery are the only mini two-pack.

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