Tina black

Living Dead Dolls Series 10

Date of death: 11/24/1966 at 6:46pm

Cause of death: Rage?

Chipboard PoemEdit

A Romantic Ghoul
With bats in the hat.
She fancy's cannibalism, verse,
And her thirteen cats.

Death CertificateEdit

Maggots growing in her belly,
Her poems upon the page.
They say that Tina Black
Died of hidden rage.


Fun FactsEdit

  • Tina and Blue (series 9) are the only female dolls who have a plastic top hat.
  • Tina Black (Tina Pink) are based on a fan/good friend and her dress.
  • Her first name was reused for Series 28 doll, Tina Pink.
    • And like Tina Pink, her last name is a color (Black), and they have the same death date (11/24/1966).
  • Tina's death is unknown, which she died from rage.