Living Dead Dolls Series 17

Date of Death: N/A

Cause of death: Car accident

Chipboard PoemEdit

Beware who you pick up
on the side of the road
Not every one is what they seem
Or so the legend goes

Death CertificateEdit

On a dark and rainy night,
A young man spots a lonely girl on the side of the road.
He pulls over to give her a ride,
and offers his jacket because the night air is cold.
He asks for the young woman's address,
and drops her off at the house she resides.
On his way home he remembers his jacket,
that he gave to the poor freezing girl outside.
The next day an elderly woman answers the man's knock,
he explains to her about last night's ride.
She says the young girl was her daughter,
in an auto accident 10 years ago she died.
The horrified man does not believe her,
the old woman tells the man of her grave.
He goes to find the stone with the girl's name,
and hanging over the marker is the jacket he gave


Fun FactsEdit

  • Vanishing Hitchhiker's eyes glow in the dark.
  • First (and currently only) doll with a different hand guesture, in which it's the guesture of when someone hitches a ride.
  • Based on a true story.