Living Dead Dolls Series 17

Date of Death: N/A

Chipboard PoemEdit

Minus a kidney, in a tub full of ice. Will someone find her in time? Will one kidney suffice?

Death CertificateEdit

Her mother always told her
"Never accept a drink!"
However this little rebel
Was not one to think.
So off to the strange party
Did this foolish girl run
With visions of laughter
And way too much fun.
The next morning she awoke
Buried in a tub full of ice.
Missing one kidney
One hell of a price.



Fun FactsEdit

She is one of 5 dolls with a human organ as an accessory (a kidney). Bride of Valentine (heart), Purdy, Goria, and Peggy Goo (brains) are the others.

  • under her robe where the blood spot is there is a cut from when her kidney was removed

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