The lost black
The lost white

Living Dead Dolls Series 8

Date of death: Unknown

Death CertificateEdit

Not a name or a home,
She wanders alone.
Cold as the arrival of the winter's first frost,
We feel her inside,
And know we can't hide.
She is the creature only known as The Lost.


White version comes with black dolly
Black version comes with white dolly

Fun FactsEdit

  • She and Angus Littlerot came with variants without the other dolls in series 8 to have them.
    • Incidently they both appeared in Resurrection Series X.
  • "With The Lost, our whole concept was to make her seem blank. The ghost you would find at the end of your dark hallway at night staring back at you. She is The Lost. She is no one, but she is every one of us. She is the face in the crowd that would never stand out but then you have to take a second look, because you are not quite sure you saw her. Sometimes the simplest things have the biggest impacts."~ Damien.
  • Some fans compared her to Samara/Sadako from The Ring/Ringu.
  • She, Macumba, and Gregory are the only main series dolls to have dolls as an accessory.

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