Living Dead Dolls Series 29

Death Date: N/A

Chipboard PoemEdit

Have you ever heard about the girl in black
they say her face is covered in cracks
the tale has been passed down through my family
should you ever see her, cover your eyes and flee.

Death CertificateEdit

They say she lurks in every shadow that is near

She waits for you to be alone and feeds off your fear

Everyone knows of her, but no ones knows her face

She is the girl in black and vanishes without a trace

Fun FactsEdit

  • She is the only doll in Series 29 to have no death date.
  • Likely a reference to the novel and film The Woman in Black, in which seeing the title character passes on a familial curse. The Woman in Black resembles the doll in that she has a white, screaming face behind a heavy black veil.