Living Dead Dolls Series 12

Date of Death: 5/15/1886 at 11:22am

Cause of death: Eyes gouged out, bled to death.

Chipboard PoemEdit

Tessa was a tattletale
Who gossiped all she saw,
Until she got her eyes gouged out
Nerve endings and all.

Death CertificateEdit

After they removed her eyes
She bled a bucket of tears.
Now she haunts them every night
Exploiting all their fears.


  • Bloody knife

Fun FactsEdit

  • She is the first doll with gouged eyes, and one of three to do so. The other dolls are Isabel from Series 16 and Sospirare from Series 25.
  • Tessa died on the same day as Emily Dickenson, who was afraid of going blind.
  • Appears in Resurrection Series X. Since Resurrection dolls all have glass eyes, Tessa comes with them disembodied, and they can be put into her empty sockets.