Living Dead Dolls Series 13

Date of death: Feb 22nd 2005

Chipboard PoemEdit

Clawing up her nightgown
Hear it hiss and moan
Nothing scares her more
Poor petrified Simone.

Death CertificateEdit

Upon her nightgown
Its long black claws did latch
So allergic, her breath stolen
With a single scratch.


Black Cat

Fun FactsEdit

  • Shares a death date with French actress Simone Simon (hence the name), who starred in the 1942 movie Cat People (hence her bad luck motif).
  • Each doll comes with it's own piece of a charm. Collect all five pieces to construct a good luck charm to break the bad luck curse.
  • from what her death certificate says she died from an allergic reaction to cat fur

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