She Who Walks the Night

Chipboard PoemEdit

There is said to be a girl who wanders the night
a pale little creature shrouded in the moon light
the stories say she walks like in a ghostly trance
some see her in their sleep, most only catch a glance.

Death CertificateEdit

I hereby certify that sometime in the 50s

She Who Walks The Night

Have you heard the story about the girl who died in her sleep?
Some say she was pushed off a cliff and others say she took a leap
No one really knows exactly what happened that night
But some say they still see her wrapped in ghostly white

Fun FactsEdit

  • Though her exact death date is unknown, it's hinted that she died somewhere between Jan. 1st 1950 and Dec. 31st 1959. Making her one of the few dolls to have no known death date.

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