Living Dead Dolls Series 29

Death Date: Between Jan. 1st 1980 and Dec. 31st 1989

Chipboard PoemEdit

I heard this story from a friend of a friend
of a girl who once lived out by the dead end
no one who remembers wishes to speak her name
but the stories they tell will drive you insane.

Death CertificateEdit

She Who Can Not Be Named
There once was a girl who could not be named
Her body was found in the woods mangled and maimed
To speak her true name was to invoke a curse
Where she would stalk you to the ends of the earth

Fun FactsEdit

  • Her name is a parody of Voldemort's nickname in the Harry Potter series.
  • Though her exact death date is unknown, it's hinted that she might of died between Jan. 1st 1980 and Dec. 31st 1989. Making her one of the few dolls with no known set death date.