Series 8 dolls

Series 8 dolls

The eight series of Living Dead Dolls was released in 2004.


Other InformationEdit

  • Availability

All Retired (Laid to Rest)

  • Market Value

The Lost (White Dress): $100-$150

The Lost (Black Dress): $50-$100

Hollow: $25-$50

Angus Littlrot: $20-$40

Grace of the Grave: $20-$40

Faith: $15-$35

Fun FactsEdit

  • The Lost was made in two versions. The "Black Lost" wore a black dress with her dollie in a white dress, while the "White Lost" wore a white dress with her dollie in a black dress. There were two "Black Losts" to each "White Lost."
  • Angus Littlrot had a sack over his head which covered one of three face variants (Burned face version, Gashed face version and screaming version).