The seventh series of Living Dead Dolls was released in 2004.


Other InformationEdit

  • Availability

All Retired (Laid to Rest)

  • Market Value

Sloth: $25-$50

Lust: $25-$45

Wrath: $20-$40

Vanity: $20-$40

Greed: $20-$40

Envy: $15-$35

Gluttony: $15-$35

  • Fun Facts

The inspiration for this series was the Seven Deadly Sins.

Bedtime Sadie is one of three alternate Sadies in the main series (Others are Schooltime Sadie and Sweet 16 Sadie)

This series is the only one to have more than 6 dolls.

The poster for this series is similar to the Se7en film's poster.the colors of their coffin paper are the colors of the seven deadly sins.

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