El Luchador Muerto




Fun FactsEdit

Based on El Dias De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead.)

This series comes in specially designed "Day of the Dead" coffins, also featuring special clear coffin lids with red lettering and yellow Day of the Dead designs.

A limited edition crimson and black variant set was made available on the Mezco Direct store.

the real prices! regulars Santeria: doll only $25-$80 sealed

Catrina: doll only $10-$70 sealed

Camilla: doll only $20-$75 sealed

Savannah: doll only $19-$85 sealed

El Luchador Muerto: doll only $18-$35 sealed


Variant Catrina: doll only $25-$90 sealed

Variant Santeria: doll only $32-$82 sealed

Variant Camilla: doll only $38-$95 sealed

Variant Savannah: doll only $26-$82 sealed

Variant El Luchador Muerto: doll only $45-$55 sealed

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