Series 18

Series 18 dolls

The eighteenth series of Living Dead Dolls was released in the fall of 2009.


Other InformationEdit

  • Availability

Retired (Laid to Rest)

  • Market Value


  • Jingles: $60-$120
  • Calavera: $50-$90
  • Ingrid: $90-$160
  • Ember: $50-$70
  • Gabriella: $30-$50


  • Variant Jingles: $80-$150
  • Variant Calavera: $95-$125
  • Variant Ingrid: $60-$70
  • Variant Ember: $50-$60
  • Variant Gabriella: $45-$50

Fun FactsEdit

  • A set of limited-edition orange-and-black variants was exclusive to the Mezco Direct store. Only 275 sets were available worldwide.

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