Living Dead Dolls Series 23

Date of death: 3-4-1982

Chipboard PoemEdit

Every tea party needs a dizzy duck
And Quack is excited to arrive
But this play date will find her out of luck
A celebration she won't survive

Death CertificateEdit

This little ducky got dizzy
After she drank a cup of tea.
Next her limbs became heavy
And then she just couldn't see.
Soon all she longed for was sleep
Heavy, eternally dark, and deep.


Betsy comes with a teapot while the other four dolls come with tea cups. Each doll with a tea cup comes with a table leg which can be put on a coffin lid to make a tea table.

Fun FactsEdit

  • The New York Ripper, directed by Lucio Fulci, (AKA Lo squartatore di New York) was released on her death date. The killer in this movie uses a duck-like voice
  • Her name corresponds with the sound that ducks make.
  • Her hair underneath the duck suit is blonde, in which is curled.
  • Her hat and the beak (or bill) sewn onto her costume resemble a duck.

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