Onyx 1

Living Dead Dolls Series 28

Date of Death: 3/17/2010

Chipboard PoemEdit

Some girls want to grow up to be a nurse,

and some want to grow up to drive a hearse.

But Onyx is not like any of the other little girls,

This super villain just wants to take over the world.

Death CertificateEdit

It was once said that the the sword was not mightier than the pen,

but on the 17th of March 2010,

our dear little onyx had her heart set on global domination,

but in the end shot herself from a ray gun complication.

Fun FactsEdit

  • Like series mate Ruby, Onyx's name also based off the gem of the same name.
  • She is the first doll to have a firearm as an accessory.
  • She currently has the youngest deathdate, by one month and three days (previously held by Twisted Love)
  • She along with series mate Hayze share the same deathday (March 17th).

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