Nohell variant

Nohell Variant

Living Dead Dolls Exclusive

Date of Death: 12/25/1957

Chipboard PoemEdit

This doll Nohell, was no angel they say
She would break all the other toys aboard Santa's Sleigh
And While all the children are all fast asleep
On a cold winter's night down your chimney she creeps
Nohell, Nohell, Nohell, Nohell
Beware the doll who rings death's bell

Death CertificateEdit

Some Dolls are Meant to bring kids joy
But Nohell is a doll unlike any other toy
Made from spoiled milk and blackened coal
Ruining the holidays is her ultimate goal

Fun FactsEdit

  • Her variant includes a commemorative stocking
  • Her coffin is white insted of black, silver, or colbalt blue.
  • Her name comes from the french word Noel, which is Christmas in french.
  • Her eyes have snowflakes in them.