Living Dead Dolls Series 13

Date of death: 1830

Chipboard PoemEdit

Morgana does what she can to insult the sun
Opening an umbrella indoors is her idea of fun
She'd rather hide from its rays and watch the darkness fall
As she soaks up the night, bad luck and all.

Death CertificateEdit

It is said when an umbrella is dropped in a house
A murder will be certain to follow
Some find this rare superstition
An incredibly hard pill to swallow
But Morgana can tell you first hand,
And this should come as no shock,
She was repeatedly beaten with her umbrella
And now lies six feet below in a box.


Purple lace umbrella

Fun FactsEdit

  • 1830 was the year that the first umbrella shop in the United States first opened.
  • Each doll comes with it's own piece of a charm. Collect all five pieces to construct a good luck charm to break the bad luck curse.
  • Was supposed to be in the Mini's Series 7, but was cancelled.

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