Living Dead Dolls Series 33

Ldd 033 004

Death Date: 12/12/1933

IMG 0009 copy
Ldd 033 004

Date of death: 12/12/1993

Chipboard PoemEdit

Like a morbid Emcee or Prophet of Doom

He welcomes you into the darkened room

Once the show starts he will slice your smile away

Death is a cabaret old chum, die in the cabaret

Death CertificateEdit

The Master of Death welcomes you to the show

The audience is anxious for the blood to flow

The curtain arises and the performers take the floor

And our gracious Emcee showers the attendees in gore

Fun FactsEdit

  • Name means 'Master of the Dead' in French.
  • Based on master of ceremonies from cabaret.
  • If you open his shirt there is a hole in his chest.