Living Dead Dolls Series 11

Date of death: Sometime in 1946

Chipboard PoemEdit

Spreading her disease
Of infected boils and puss,
This sad little maggot
Is really quite contagious.

Death CertificateEdit

Adorable little Maggot was the runt of the litter.
Eyes of empty black, a peculiar little critter.
Then one day she was infected with a disease unknown to man,
Blistering boils and oozing puss, her cankerous soul now damned.


Fun FactsEdit

  • India started using Dichloro – Diphenyl - Trichloroethane (DDT) to control the Malarial Virus in 1946.
  • One of the dolls with an innocent face or a sweet-looking face. The others being Rain Frozen Charlotte Unwilling Donor and Elisa Day.

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