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LLD Black-and-Red KRAMPUS
MEZ94300-LDD-Krampus 3

Living Dead Dolls Exclusives

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Fun FactsEdit

  • Value
    • German Krampus: ?
    • Australian Krampus: ?
    • U.K Krampus: ?
  • LDD Presents Krampus are going to be released in October 2013. Initially, three dolls were made and released exclusive to different regions of the world- Germany, Australia and the U.K. However, the dolls have since been made available in the US through the Mezco website.
  • Krampus is a demonic goat beast with origins in pre-Christian Germanic history and is effectively the anti-Saint Nicholas.
  • Krampus is responsible for handling all the naughty children during the holiday season by gathering them in his sack and taking them back to his lair.
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