Ldd exc 049

Living Dead Dolls Scary Tales, Volume 2

Date of death: N/A

Chipboard Poem Edit

Entombed in this horror by a single red rose
Two beings share a fate that neither one chose
Each one trapped by the other wanting to be released
But who is the real beauty and who is the real beast

Death Certificate Edit


Beauty and The Beast (2017) Edit

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Fun FactsEdit

  • Some fans have compared Beauty and Beast to Hot Topic exclusives Misery and Tragedy, respectively, because of their looks.
  • The beast is one of six males with long hair the others are Macumba, Otis, Jack the Ripper, Rotten Sam, and Edgar.
  • The beast has the thinnest hair out of all the male living dead dolls.
  • the scar on the beasts face seems to seperate two personas as his eyes seem diffirent in gentures his left eye looks calm while the right seems frighted/angry.
  • Since they are not really dead a death certificate was not written for them.
  • The beast is not dead, but his injury tells otherwise. So it is unkown if he is undead or not.
  • Beauty is the first to have pink eyes.
  • Beauty and the Beast returns in 2017 but much more accurate details.
  • Beauty and the Beast 2017 resemblance the Yin & Yang symbol.
  • Beauty and the Beast 2017 have glass eyes.
  • Beauty and the Beast 2017. The Beast doll is an actual beast.
  • Beauty and the Beast 2017, was released at the same time as Disney's remake live action of it's 1994 animated film Beauty and The Beast.
  • Beauty and the Beast 2017 was released as the LDD series 33 which is also based on characters that are French.
  • Unlike the first release of Beauty and the Beast which both dolls are sold separate, this version is sold in a 2-pack.
  • Fans prefer the 2017 version rather than the first one.

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