Living Dead Dolls Series 11

Date of death: 6/27/1893

Chipboard PoemEdit

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
You look like a ghoul,
And you smell like one too.

Death CertificateEdit

Wrapped up inside this present,
A gift for you awaits.
By opening it you have condemned yourself,
And sealed your own fate.
So hopefully your birthday goes off without a hitch,
And Jubilee is not around.
For if you invite this ghoul to your celebration,
Evil will surely abound.


  • Present and party hat

Fun FactsEdit

  • June 27th is the birthday of Mildread J. Hill who composed the tune of Happy Birthday in 1893.
  • Jubilee's birthday is an article on the back of Isaiah's newspaper.
  • Inside Jubilee's birthday present are two LDD badges.
  • Until Series 28, Jubilee is the only birthday themed doll.

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