Living Dead Dolls Series 18

Date of Death: October 31st 1971

Chipboard PoemEdit

A sacrifice on hallows eve
Now forever a jester.
Jingles likes to cause a wound
Then watch it puss and fester

Death CertificateEdit

A willing sacrifice on Halloween night
On the altar the blade pierced his heart
The next moon he arose and gave quite a fright
An undead servant of the black arts.


  • Pumpkin Basket &

Jester Mask

Fun FactsEdit

  • Each doll comes in a variant orange and black outfit limited to only 275 pieces. His mask and chipboard poem suggest a nod to the Black Death, as his mask was once used when the Black Death was infecting people and killing them. This was due to dead carcasses and filth in the streets.

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