Living Dead Dolls Series 23

Date of Death: 12,26,1974

Cause of Death: Drank acid

Chipboard PoemEdit

What happened to Jennocide was a tragedy
There was acid in her cup instead of tea
Some say that is what dissolved her flesh clean
But if you ask me I say it was just the caffeine

Death CertificateEdit

A long slow burn with a venomous liquid
Once it melted her face she had died
But it is impossible to keep a good doll down
And she arose from the dead as Jennocide


  • Betsy comes with a teapot while the other four dolls come with tea cups. Each doll with a tea cup comes with a table leg which can be put on a coffin lid to make a tea table.

Fun FactsEdit

  • Her name is based on the word Genocide.
  • The doll has one eye that is black, and one normal eye.
  • Half of her face is skull and bone.
  • Fans sometimes refer her as 'Jenny.'