Living Dead Dolls Series 16

Date of death: October 30, 2005

Chipboard PoemEdit

She arrives at your door
Wearing a mask of deceit
For what lies underneath
Is her Halloween treat

Death CertificateEdit

"Do I really need these disgusting eyes?"
Isabel cried.
"I am much prettier wearing this disguise,"
Isabel sighed.
And with the sharp end of a stick
Isabel pried,
And with one last bloody flick
Isabel died


Mascarade Mask & Pumpkin Basket

Fun FactsEdit

  • Is one of three dolls to have gouged eyes, the others being Tessa and Sospirare.
  • She is the most famous among female living dead doll fans.
  • Isabel's death is considered suicide as she did her injury to herself in which it caused her to die .
  • In the promo pic, Isabel's hair was similar to American Gothic female.

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