Ldd 006 003
Living Dead Dolls Series 6

Date of death: 12/20/71

Chipboard PoemEdit

Shy little Hush and her pet rat Shriek.
Dwelling in the sewer, these two are sure to reek.

Death CertificateEdit

Shy little Hush thought rats were so pretty,
So it was her good fortune she lived by the city.
It was easy to sneak into the sewer each night,
To offer her pets a cheesy delight.
But one silly slip landed Hush on her head,
It was right there she drowned and the rats were well fed.


Large Rat

Fun FactsEdit

Hush's hair is made of yarn as does calico but it is thinner yarn than calico's(she, Calico, Captain Bonney, Daisy Slae and Agrat Bat Mahlat are the only female dolls with yarn hair)

Deathdate is the day Roy Oliver Disney, Brother of Walt and Co-founder of the Disney company, died.

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