Living Dead Dolls Series 26

Date of death: March 16th, 1975

Chipboard PoemEdit

Many have entered but
We can choose only one sinner
Congratulations Holly Katrina
The 13th Anniversary Contest winner

Death CertificateEdit

In the darkest of night
through the struggles and strife
One can find Frau Holle
She is now a LDD for life

Fun FactsEdit

  • She is the winner of the Living Dead Dolls 13th annerversity contest in 2011. This makes her the fourth main series doll to be based off a real person.
  • She and Lamenta are the only Series 26 dolls that aren't named after a Pagan holiday.
  • Her deathdate is the same day that the real Holle Katrina was born.
  • She is the only real life person doll to not be a celebrity prior to the 13th annerversity contest, or has a variation of Elizabeth as a name.

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