Hayze 1

Living Dead Dolls Series 28

Date of Death: 3/17/1967

Chipboard PoemEdit

A sweet little girl, oh what a shame.
That lately things don't seem the same.
A once pure heart burns now a hateful blaze,
What once used to be is now a purple haze.

Death CertificateEdit

On the seventeenth of March 1967,

a innocent child fell from the grace of heaven.

Consumed by Hell's fire, tarnished in the pit's grime,

is she cursed 'til tomorrow or just the end of time?

Fun FactsEdit

  • Her name is an alternative spelling of the word Haze.
  • She is one of seven dolls with an amputated limb (the others being Angus Littlerot, Gregory, The Hook, Captain Bonney, Madame, and Fairy Fay ).
  • The last part of her Chipboard Poem is a reference to Jimi Hendrix's song 'Purple Haze' which was released the same year as Hayze's death.
  • Both her and series mate Onyx share the same deathday (March 17th).

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