Gypsy Variant

Living Dead Dolls Series 15

Date of death: Dec 3rd 1949

Chipboard PoemEdit

Gypsy comes with misfortune
And some deadly spells···
Purchase of this doll
Will surely bring you hell!

Death certificateEdit

Moving around the fire,
tambourine in hand.
Dancing to the rhythm,
her feet upon the sand.
Gypsy did not feel this spell,
as it stopped the dance.
Her heart exploded in her chest,
she never had a chance.


Fun FactsEdit

  • Same death date as Russian actress Maria Ouspenskaya; who portrayed a gypsy fortune teller in the classic horror film "The Wolf Man", starring Lon Chaney Jr.
  • Each dolls in series 15 has a variant version that is available through Each doll comes with a piece of a "Spirit board". With all five dolls from series 15 you can put the board together.
  • Like Sadie and every re-release of Sadie except Sweet 16 Sadie, Gypsy has Heterochromia (One eye a different colour to the other)

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