Living Dead Dolls Series 7

Date of death: 6/14/1946 at 2:22pm

Chipboard PoemEdit

07 greed
Greed - n. 1. Excessive desire for material wealth or gain.
2. See Miss McGreedy.

Death CertificateEdit

Lavish dresses and gems were her only attire,
Filling her piggy banks is all she required.
Now she is chained to her earthly spoils,
To be eternally boiled alive in oils.


Shackles of treasure boxes

Fun FactsEdit

  • Her deathdate is the birthdate of billionaire, and the 45th president of the USA Donald Trump
  • She wears heavy chains just like Jacob Marley forA Christmas Carol.
  • Her coffin paper is yellow/gold the color of greed.

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