Ldd 022 003b

Living Dead Dolls Series 22

Date of Death: 3/13/1996

Chipboard PoemEdit

This southern belle
Came straight from hell
Dripping with blood
And all kinds of crud

Death CertificateEdit

Every now and then
The south shall rise again


Blue hat

Fun factsEdit

  • Shares a death date with Lucio Fulci.
  • She and Purdy are the only two dolls to have exposed brains.
  • Each doll comes in a variant black and white outfit with red blood.
  • Her death certificate is based on the line 'Every now and again, the south shall rise again.' Which was in 2000 Maniacs.
  • Her name comes from the name Gloria which is a popular southern name.
  • Is one of five dolls with a human organ accessory (a brain). PurdyPeggy Goo (all brains), The Bride of Valentine (a heart), and The Unwilling Donor (kidney).