Flamingo variant

Living Dead Dolls Series 15

Date of death: Oct 24th 1984

Cause of death: Climb toed a high place and jumped off believing that she could fly.

Chipboard poemEdit

Flamingo has internal injuries
And a stare that's set on kill
Pink is her favorite color
Murder her biggest thrill

Death CertificateEdit

Flamingo ate some poison mushrooms
and thought that she could fly.
She climbed the nearest flagpole
and let out an awkward cry.
"It's a mistake" her friends did plead
She let go and knew just why.
Had she tried to do it from the ground
She wouldn't have had to die.


Fun FactsEdit

  • Shares a death date with actress Edith Massey, who starred John Waters' movie Pink Flamingos.
  • Each doll in Series 15 has a variant version that is available through
  • Each doll comes with a piece of a "Spirit board". With all five dolls from series 15 you can put the board together.
  • Her death is similar to Sunday's- both died after climbing to a high place and jumping off believing that they could fly.