Living Dead Dolls Series 18

Date of Death: May 26, 1647

Chipboard PoemEdit

Branding her as a witch was their mistake
Only Ember knew her costume was fake
But the townspeople accused her
Bloodied and bruised her
And in the end she was burned at the stake

Death CertificateEdit

A trick or treating our Ember did go
Flying on a broom with her black cat in tow,
Getting her candy by casting a spell
"'A witch!"' from below the children did yell.
She was captured and brought to a judge
Who with Halloween he did hold a grudge,
"'Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live"', he declared
And consumed by flames is how poor Ember fared.


  • Pumpkin Basket
  • Witch Mask

Fun FactsEdit

  • Each doll comes in a variant orange and black outfit limited to only 275 pieces.
  • She is one of three dolls to have died by execution (Camilla and Asa being the others).
  • Her name corrasponds with the fire that have killed her.
  • Is the first witch doll to be release commercially.
  • Ember shares the same name and a firey death with Ember McLain a ghost character from Nickelodeon's animated series Danny Phantom.

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