Date of death: 8/8/1870

Chipboard PoemEdit


Death CertificateEdit

He died of tumorous growths upon his swollen brain.

Many were fast to say this drove Edgrr totally insane.

In truth it gave him the ability to enter his audience's dreams

And turn their joy and laughter into suffering and screams.

Fun FactsEdit

  • In the Series 30 promo poster there was a small sideshow-styled description under his name; his is 'Two Faced Ghoul of Terrible Misfortune.'
  • First doll with two faces in the form of three eyes, three eyebrows, two noses, and two mouths.
  • He is one of 6 male dolls with long hair, alongside Macumba, Otis, Jack the Ripper, Beast, and Rotten Sam.
  • He has Diprosopus, a rare congenital disorder resulting in one having two faces.

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