Here are all the Living Dead Dolls released so far. Please click on a doll name for detailed information such as death date, back story, etc.

Living Dead Dolls (Main Series)Edit

Series 1:Edit

Series 2:Edit

Series 3:Edit

Series 4:Edit

Series 5:Edit

Series 6:Edit

Series 7:Edit

Series 8:Edit

Series 9:Edit

Series 10:Edit

Series 11:Edit

Series 12:Edit

Series 13:Edit

Series 14:Edit

Series 15:Edit

Series 16:Edit

Series 17:Edit

Series 18:Edit

Series 19:Edit

Series 20:Edit

Series 21:Edit

Series 22:Edit

Series 23:Edit

Series 24:Edit

Series 25:Edit

Series 26:​Edit

Series 27:Edit

Series 28:Edit

Series 29: Edit

Series 30: Edit

Series 31: Edit

Series 32: Edit

Series 33:Edit

Series 34:Edit

Series 35:

Living Dead Dolls (Exclusives, Sets, Etc.)Edit

Living Dead Dolls Fashion VictimsEdit

Series 1:Edit

Series 2:Edit

Living Dead Dolls Porcelain DollsEdit

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