Living Dead Dolls Series 21

Date of Death: August 16th, 1948

Chipboard PoemEdit

He has a bat, a hat, and wings
Ready to spread.
With fangs, and pointed ears
This Bat Boy's undead

Death CertificateEdit

A broken bat came whirling and lodged in his neck
As player screamed in vain, "Kid hit the deck!"
But somehow Desmodus just wouldn't die
Instead he grew fangs, and wings and found he could fly!


Baseball Bat

Fun FactsEdit

  • Shares a deathdate with baseball legend Babe Ruth.
  • He is one of a few dolls with a sports motif which is baseball (resurrection Lulu (roller derby) and El Luchador Muerto (wrestling) being the others).
  • Is the only male doll with wings.
  • He looks are a visual pun on the position Bat Boy, who are people (mostly children) who give out the baseball bats to the players.

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