Ldd 009 003
Ldd 009 003b
Living Dead Dolls Series 9

Date of Death: 4/20/1979

Chipboard PoemEdit

At sun up she started to rise,
With rotted flesh & vacant eyes.
She has no thoughts, and feels no pain;
Her sole motivation is to eat your brain.

Death CertificateEdit

Bit by a zombie, she died and was put in the ground.
At first light the next day she was walking around.
She'll chomp on the living 'til they splatter a bunch.
Flesh, entrails and gray matter, she likes to munch.
Awake from her dirt nap, with not even a yawn,
She arose and is known as Dead little Dawn..


Fun FactsEdit

  • Her deathdate is the release date for the movie Dawn of the Dead (hence her name).
  • She is one of eight dolls with gashed faces. The others are Deadbra Ann (series 2), Angus Littlrot (series 8, variation), Cuddles (series 12), Ember (series 18) ; exclusives Doom and Honey ; Resurrection: Fairy Fay (series IX).

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