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Living Dead Dolls Series 1

Date of Death: 2/29/1972

Chipboard PoemEdit

This little boy has a trick
Up his sleeve.
At least one slingshot
And three books to read.

Death CertificateEdit

And then there was Damien

with a soul as empty as his eyes,

This wee little lad pronounced D.O.A.,

was already dead inside.


Slingshot and three books ( Necronomicon book, 666 book and sulphur book). 

Fun Facts Edit

  • This doll is a tribute to the character Damien from the movie The Omen.
  • Damien is the first male Living Dead Doll.
  • The first doll to wear a hat.
  • Appeared in Resurrection Series V.
  • Returned in the 13th Anniversary set with altered features and a 13th anniversary tattoo.
  • Has also appeared as a mini doll.
  • He along with series-mate Posey, are the first dolls with blank souless eyes.

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