Daisy Slae

Living Dead Dolls Series 14

Date of death: May 31, 1996

Chipboard PoemEdit

She thought that nature was so pretty
Even gentile and pure
But the deep dark depths of the wilderness
Proved more then she could endure

Death CertificateEdit

The elements claimed her slowly
And she ceased to sing and play
But to spite natural law
And the powers that be
She arose from the dead…Daisy Slae


Fun FactsEdit

  • Shares a deathdate with Dr. Timothy Francis Leary, an advocate for psychedelic drug research and use.
  • One of the 3 known dolls to have yarn hair. The others are Macumba from series 4, and Hush and Calico from series 6
  • One of three dolls with a piercing, the others being Blue and Sheena.
  • She is named after a flower, which reflects her love of nature.