Living dead doll Christmas!Edit

  • In 2010, Nohell and her variant were released. It is December right now, so make sure to come back to this page every year for info on the festive LDD dolls. Her variant includes an exlusive LDD stocking! They come in white coffins and each have a Santa hat. Nohell variant has icy blue lips, a sparkly red dress and fluffy white boots to match Nohell`s. The included stocking with variant has the LDD logo and two candy canes and a skull, as printed on Nohell`s dress. Around her eyes are blue with a snowflake as eyes. Nohell`s eyes are the same, exept Nohell`s have a black rim around the eyes. Nohell has blonde, short hair and a mainly red dress. It features stripes and a skull with candy canes. The Toy Soldior is said to be a Christmas doll too! Below click on the video for a review on Nohell Variant! (Found on Youtube)
  • Which doll is your favourite?
    Nohell variant

    Nohell Variant



    Living Dead Doll Review Varient NoHell-106:30

    Living Dead Doll Review Varient NoHell-1

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