Living Dead Dolls Exclusives

Date of death: 10/08/1722

Chipboard PoemEdit

One hooked hand, on a peg she limbers,
A cutthroat salt that'll shiver ye timbers.
She'll rail ye on her sword in a clap of thunder,
For pieces of eight she's come to plunder.
So upright seadog when captain's on deck,
Or bloody Captain Bonney will rope ye neck.

Death CertificateEdit

The glorious Captain Anne Bonney
Has been sent to
Davey Jones locker,
10/08/1722 AD

Fun FactsEdit

  • Value: $75-$100
  • Captain Bonney was a Hot Topic exclusive.
  • She is one of six dolls to be based off a real person.
  • She is the first doll with an amputated limb, and the only one to date missing a leg.
  • She is one of four dolls with an amputated limb, with Angus Littlerot, Gregory, and The Hook are the others.

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