Living Dead Dolls Series 18

Date of Death: November 2nd 2007

Chipboard PoemEdit

It is Calavera who cries and suffers
for she is completely out of her head
wandering through the grave yard
collecting the bones of the dead

Death CertificateEdit

On all souls day, Calavera went insane
expiring from the sickness inside her brain.
Her only comfort now is to wander all alone
lurking in the dark collecting dead bones


Pumpkin Basket & Skull Mask

Fun FactsEdit

  • Each doll comes in a variant orange and black outfit limited to only 275 pieces.
  • Her name means skull in spanish, incidently her deathdate is day of the dead in Mexico.
  • Calavera is the first skeleton doll.
  • Calavera's mask along with Pumpkin's and Ember's all three have a similar designs with the three main masks from the film Halloween III: The Season of the Witch.

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