Blood-Splattered Eggzorcist

Living Dead Dolls Exclusives

Date of DeathEdit


Chipboard PoemEdit

This little bunny
Is digging for sweets.
Roaches in baskets
Are her favorite treats.

Death CertificateEdit

A drawstring used to fasten ears of a rabbit,
put this little bunny in a kiddie Casket.

Fun FactsEdit

  • Value
    • Regular: $90-150
    • Bloody Variant: $350-$500
  • The Blue Eggzorcist doll was Mezco's first-ever (and most popular) convention exclusive Living Dead Doll. All 3,000 units sold out before the 4-day show ended.
  • Inside the factory sealed coffin, the blue Eggzorcist was sealed in an opaque black body bag that you must open in order to reveal either the regular or blood-splattered chase version.