Ldd 009 004
Ldd 009 004b

Living Dead Dolls Series 9

Date of Death: 3/9/2005

Chipboard PoemEdit

So sad in plaid,
Her fate upon her chest.
Bored with this world,
Unable to find rest.

Death CertificateEdit

She missed the ones

Who had left her,

So she held her breath

Until true blue.

Soon she was to find out

This simply wouldn't do;

These antics became a bore.

Craving her beloved dead,

She drank a cup of bleach

And laid down in her bed.


Black hat.

Fun FactsEdit

  • Has appeared in Resurrection Series VI.
  • A variant doll with blue hair was made as part of the Series 9 Variants.
  • Her name not only the color she's wearing, but the color of depression as well as the skin tone of a deceased corpse.

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