• Darkhorse666

    ??????/ Can we post stories (if not, I'm gonna make a Wiki)

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  • Mollyandbobby123

    Which is your favourite Living Dead Doll?

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  • Loob88

    I can't wait!

    July 25, 2012 by Loob88

    Guess what guys? I can't wait for christmas now! I'm putting Yoko Onna (if she is out in the uk), Flamingo, The Unwilling Donor and Daisy Slae on my christmas wishlist. I'm held a contest for best animal impersonation from a living dead doll, and the winner was....Squeak (series 16)! Runner-up was Mishka (series 16), and there will be a honourable mention for Beelzebub (series 24), Teddy (series 23) and Desmodus (series 21). Their dressups were:

    1st Place: Pig

    2nd: Wolf

    Honourable mentions:




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