Ldd 022 005b

Living Dead Dolls Series 22

Date of Death: May. 24th, 1979

Chipboard PoemEdit

Ava was dressed that day
for an apocalyptic flood
when she stumbled upon zombies
she found a rain of blood

Death CertificateEdit

Ava put on her raincoat and went out for the day.
She had a little toy boat in the puddles she would play.
The rain quickly turned red as teeth tore her skin.
Little Ava now undead her fate such a sin.


Fun FactsEdit

  • Date of death: May. 24th, 1979 - Dawn of the Dead (original release)
  • Each doll comes in a variant black and white outfit with red blood.
  • under her raincoat is a cute little dress/she is very simaler to Georgie from IT.

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