Alison Crux

Living Dead Dolls Series 14

Date of death: April 4, 1944 4:44pm

Chipboard PoemEdit

Ushering lost souls to the other side
Is a job in which she takes great pride
To the final resting place Alison holds the key
But where that may be knows not she.

Death CertificateEdit

Alison loved to play in revolving doors
Until one day she got stuck
No one saw her on the floor
Of all the rotten luck.


Gold key necklace

Fun FactsEdit

  • Alison's death date is the birthday of actor Craig Nelson who starred in Poltergeist.
  • In Asia, there is great superstition regarding the number 4 and death, in which her death date has four 4's.
  • Incidently the series, she's in is Series 14, in response her death date.

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